TCF2022 is set for March 19th 2022:

Disrupting Climate Change with Technology

Stay tuned for updates on our exciting TCF2022 program!

A full day of learning and fun! In-person, hybrid or virtual: TBD

Looking Back on TCF2021

Thank you to our speakers and attendees!


  • 45th Annual Festival!
  • Ten Simultaneous Tracks + HamCram
  • TCF2021 Keynote Event: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Artificial Intelligence, Jerry Foster, CTO & Co-Founder, Plex Systems
  • Tricks and Tips for Windows 10 – David Soll
  • Quantum Computing – Barry Burd
  • WordPress Bootcamp – Lou Judice
  • New Internet of Things (IoT) using 5G – Joe Jesson
  • Stock Market Trading Using Neural Networks – Donn Fishbein
  • One day Updated and Hands-on OOP University on Object-Oriented Programming that will include latest information on Python, Java and the basics of OOP.
  • A full day of presentations on IT professional topics.
  • Ham Cram & Testing led by the David Sarnoff Radio Club

TCF2021 Keynote Event

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Artificial Intelligence

Jerry Foster,
CTO & Co-Founder, Plex Systems

There is much talk these days about machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and for good reason.  AI is the enabler that drives exponential value from all other technologies; for any process that generates data, it is no longer optional, but a requirement.  This keynote provides an overview of Artificial Intelligence, from its humble beginnings to disruptive force, with an eye towards the significant positive impact on our world.

Jerry Foster is the CTO and one of the founders of Plex Systems, which today helps more than 600 manufacturers worldwide run their businesses. Jerry earned his degree in computer science at Liberty University, and used his education first as a programmer at a Michigan metal former, where he built a custom innovative ERP system, before taking that solution to other businesses, eventually building a SaaS manufacturing company that today employs more than 500 employees globally. Jerry continues to set the pace of the innovation in the cloud, leading the company’s technology strategy and research initiatives that drive the industry forward.

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